Month: August 2019

Juicy Facts About Lemons

We may be a little biased, but in terms of versatility and usefulness, lemons are hard to beat. Of all the fruit we know, lemons are the most requested year-round. Fortunately, lemons are generally available throughout the year but become scarce in late summer. You may find the price will rise around this time and notice imported fruit appearing in supermarkets.

Lemons gastronomic uses are endless – here’s why:

-Used in both sweet and savoury dishes as a star or key backup ingredient

-The whole fruit is edible –prized for fragrant zest and flavoursome juice

-Flavour enhancer

-Colour preserver in other fruits and vegetables

-Acidity for drinks – gin and tonic, lemonade, and hot honey and lemon for the winter months

-Major baking ingredient

-Companion of seafood as a squeeze or sauce base

-Candied peel

-Preserved lemons are particularly popular in North African cooking, adding a wonderful depth of flavour …

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